Free School Meals

In order to qualify for Free School Meals, you should be receiving one of the following:

– Income Support

– Job Seekers Allowance (income based)

– Employment Support Allowance (income based)

– Pension Credit

– Child Tax Credit with annual income of less than £16,190

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Policy on School Meals

The Council, in addition to providing Free Meals to pupils legally entitled to receive them, operates a catering service available to all pupils in most primary schools. The price of the meal is constant throughout the County but the type of service offered varies in accordance with the individual requirements of each school.

In secondary schools a cash cafeteria system operates offering a wide choice of food at affordable prices. Children entitled to a free school meal receive a pass enabling them to purchase food to a certain value.

Free School Meals

The provision of free school meals is confined to families in receipt of Income Support, Income Related Employment Support Allowance, Income Based Job Seekers Allowance, Guarantee Element of State Pension Credit, Child Tax Credit with an income less than £16,190 (Any Families in receipt of Working Tax Credit do not qualify).

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