Curriculum Organisation

When students first enter the school at 11 years of age, they are placed in Year 7, and progress to Year 11 by the time they are 16 years of age. Those who stay on after 16 years of age become Years 12 and 13.

In each year group there are normally 5 to 8 classes, named after the initials of the form tutor. e.g. 8AG

Our curriculum is centred on the needs of each individual within each curriculum area. Where these individual needs are best addressed through “subject sets” then this method is used. However, where the curriculum is best served through the use of “mixed ability” groups, we use that method. We do not have “streams” or “bands”.

All lessons in this school are taught through the medium of English. The language of Welsh is taught as a separate subject in the curriculum.

The Curriculum at KS3 (Year 7,8 and 9)

In Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils all students study the same National Curriculum subjects comprised of:
a) “core” subjects which are: English, Mathematics, Science, Welsh, Religious Education, Physical Education & Games and Personal & Social Education (including Careers in Year 9).

b) “foundation subjects” which are: History, Geography, Technology, Information Technology, Spanish, Art, Music and Drama.

Following revision of the National Curriculum subject orders and the introduction of a non statutory skills framework in 2008, the school has responded by retaining our existing approach to curriculum organization at KS3 while adopting a more skills focused approach to the delivery of the subjects. This includes an the explicit focus on the development of the generic skills of communication, numeracy, ICT and thinking across the curriculum.

The Curriculum at KS4 (Year 10 and 11)

At KS4 all students continue to study the core subjects of the National Curriculum: English, English Literature, Mathematics, Numeracy, Science, R.E., Welsh, P.E. and the Welsh Baccalaureate. In addition pupils choose 3 options, two in the school day and one after. (See the new options booklet for pupils starting year 10 in September 15 in the link above) Finally, pupils can choose to study other subjects in our out of school hours programme, e.g. Dance and a choice of community languages.

The Curriculum at KS5 / Sixth Form (Years 12&13)

In Years 12 and 13 a range of academic and vocational courses are offered which prepare students for university, further education, commerce and industry.

In order to offer a wider range of AS courses the school runs a joint timetable with partnership schools allowing students to pick a subject at a different centre to meet their needs.

We also offer a choice of progression routes for students including one year vocational courses and ESOL courses for those with limited English.

In addition. students are prepared for the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification at either intermediate or advanced level. This qualification, which at advanced level is equivalent to an A grade, has proved highly successful in both motivating students and equipping them with the skills for both further study and employment.