Our Vision

Our vision for Cathays High School is summed up by our mission of “Opportunities for All”. This means that we add value to the lives of pupils, families, colleagues and the community who are all happy and proud to be part of Cathays High School.​

We are a multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi-faith community. We are committed to creating an inclusive, positive environment where everyone is valued and treated with respect and fairness.​

Our primary role is to support the development of our students, ensuring they have a strong grounding in the three key behaviours of being prepared, showing respect and having pride in themselves, the school and their community.

Our Aims

By instilling these key behaviours, and pursuing our vision, we can support our young people to: 

  • become healthy, confident and resilient citizens- able to manage their own wellbeing; 
  • have the skills and qualifications to be ambitious, capable, creative and enterprising young people- taking control of their learning, lives and careers; 
  • be the future leaders of Cardiff, Wales and the world-  impacting positively on society and ensuring they have high expectations of themselves and others.

Our Values

Values ( these are the shared, common beliefs on which our vision is built)

Opportunities for All”:​

  • Inclusive school for all young people, families & colleagues​
  • Mutual respect, trust and empathy between all students and colleagues​
  • Everyone can make excellent progress from their starting points​
  • High expectations of behaviour, achievement, progress and effort from all members of our community​
  • Committed to being a learning organisation seeking continual improvement for all​
  • Celebrating our diversity and the unique features of our community​
  • Enthusiastic about the common elements of our identity as citizens of Cardiff & Wales (cynefin)​
  • 3 key values: Prepared, Respect & Pride (pupils)​
  • 3 key staff values: Collaboration, Ownership & Team-first