School Uniform

All clothing MUST be clearly marked with the pupil’s name

All pupils in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are expected to wear the uniform as listed below:

School Blazer

Navy blue with gold piping and embroidered school badge, the school blazer is compulsory for all pupils. It is available from YC Sports in a boy and girl fit.

School Tie & White Shirt

KS3/4 Royal Blue and Gold Tie. The school tie is compulsory forall pupils. It is available from YC Sports.

Conventional white collared school shirts are compulsory for all pupils. They must be plain white with no motifs or logos and have a short or long sleeve They must be able to be worn with the school tie with the top button of the shirt comfortably fastened at all times, and must be tucked in. Polo shirts are not allowed.

School Jumper

Navy Blue V neck with gold collar and embroidered school badge. A jumper is optional to wear under the blazer, but if a jumper is worn, it must be this school jumper. These are available from YC Sports.

Trousers - Black

Trousers must be full length and plain black, tailored trousers. Shorts will not be allowed. High fashion items are not allowed e.g. jeans, denims, cords, leggings, jeggings and combats.

Skirt - Black

Skirts must be knee length or below and plain black. No high fashion items e.g. mini, leather/leather look, suede, denim, combat.

Shoes - Black

These must be plain, completely black, low heeled school shoes. The following are not allowed, sandals, any trainer type shoe, high tops, open backed shoes, or open toed shoes.

Branded/logo trainers are not allowed. Plimsolls will be provided to any pupils who come to school wearing anything but plain black shoes.

Pupils with medical conditions can wear insoles and other medical aids providing the shoe is plain and black.

Outer Wear

Outerwear should be practical, water resistant and of a plain colour. Denim is not acceptable.


Girls wearing headscarves for religious reasons are reminded that these should be plain (not patterned) and either plain navy, black or white in colour.


Unsuitable, excessive or dangerous jewellery/piercings should not be worn. This includes large hoop earrings, face studs and other items at the discretion of Heads of Year. Certain departments will demand the removal of all jewellery on Health & Safety grounds. You must comply with all requests to remove jewellery. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

Reminder: All pupils are expected to remove coats and hats within the school building. Failure to do so will result in confiscation of the item.

P.E Kit

School Essentials Grant

You can now apply for the grant on Cardiff Council’s website here:

Contact YC Sports

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