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What happens In An Emergency?

What to do if there is an emergency at the School:

The following information is about what to do if the school has to close because of an emergency.

Please take time to read this.

If the decision to close the school takes place outside the normal school hours

• BBC Radio Wales will be notified; please listen to the radio for information;

• Information will also be put on the school’s website;

• Notice will be put up on the school gates and in visitors’ entrance.

• You will receive a text message notifying you of the closure, if your mobile phone number is up to date on our system.

Please do not try to telephone the school, as incoming calls will cause interruptions for us calling parents.


If pupils are on site when the decision is made to close the school:

• You will receive a text message;

• Pupils will be allowed to use telephones / mobile phones to contact parents;

• Pupils with the longest journeys will be allowed to leave first;

• Pupils who are not able to get home immediately will be sent to the lower hall and supervised there;

• A log will be kept of when pupils have left the premises (so that if parents telephone the school we can account for when their son/daughter has left the school);

• Regular taxi services and Cardiff Buses will be notified.

Parents, or other adults, who are collecting pupils from the school, should take care not to put themselves or other at risk by congesting the entrance to the school or the area of Crown Way near to the school which has been marked with double yellow lines as a ‘no parking area’.


You can also check Cardiff Council’s ‘Is My School Open?‘ page to see live information on school closures.

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