Catering at Cathays High

Cathays High School using a Cashless Catering System managed by Cardiff Council Catering. Their tills using a biometric scanner that identifies key features to your child’s fingerprint that will match against binary code of 1s & 0s that is linked to your child’s account.

Visual Example:

No image of your child’s fingerprint is stored. Just 1s & 0s. These are stored on Cardiff Council Catering Servers only.

Please read this booklet for more information regarding Cashless Catering and thumbprints.


Convenient & transparent

  • Paying online makes life easier for everyone!
  • Saves our school time to focus on teaching


  • ParentPay’s been used by schools for over 15 years…
  • Used by over 4 million parents across the UK

Safe & Secure

  • Removing cash from school helps keep pupils safe
  • Your money is guaranteed to be spent on what it was intended for!

Helps us to help your children

  • Going cashless helps us focus on what’s important – your children

Break & Lunch Food Menu

Please find below the Break time & Lunch time menu provided by Cardiff Council Catering.